Online Analytics Consutling

Are you a small business owner trying to continuously improve your online revenue? If so, conducting online analytics is essential to your success.  

BP’s goal from our online analytics consulting services is to help small business owners increase their revenue by helping them understand and improve their online online strategy. We do this by focusing on  improving the strengths and weaknesses of the analytics metrics of your online endeavors.

BP Marketing Consulting provides the following market research services

Market Research Advice

Market Research Planning

Conduct Primary and Secondary Market Research

Market Research Analyses and Reporting

Through market research consulting

BP helps small business owners familiarize themselves with their target audience by understanding their online buying trends, search behaviors, and how to connect best with them online. This allows you to strategically communicate to your potential clients by enhancing your connection and understanding of them.

BP also helps small business owners understand their competitors better online. It is crucial that you are consistently aware of what your competitors are doing online. Market research that focuses on your competitor helps you their strengths, capitalize on their weaknesses, and get to know their online behavior. This allows you to understand, have a chance to compete with, and surpass your competition online.

Lastly, small business owners must be aware of and stay afloat in their industry that is continuously changing. Small businesses that do not evolve die. BP’s market research consulting and services help small business owners be cognizant of what is happening in and around their industry, understand their industry’s keyword behavior, and industry-based weaknesses. BP’s goal in industry-focused market research is to help small business owners create shifts in their business processes to stay current or innovate past the present times, adapt to or take advantage of industry-based keyword behavior, and recognize marketplace gaps to create new opportunities for business.

BP’s main goal and objective are to help small business owners leverage their company, services, and/or products to get in front of the right audience to scale their business and become an industry leader.  

Why is it important for small business owners to conduct market research?

  • Allows them to understand the problems, needs, and desires of your target market.

  • Identifies marketplace gaps and create opportunities

  • Confidently and thoroughly know the sales cycles their target market and their industry

  • Connect with the potential audience on a deeper level

  • Enhances the business strategy to become more productive, efficient, and profitable

  • Cuts down on wasted time and money

  • Identify new markets and the potential customers within it

  • Get feedback from existing customers

  • Increase brand loyalty

  • Understand their changing industry

Small business owner’s objectives for doing online market research

  • Learn more about potential and existing customers

  • Scale and improve sales

  • Understand the lifestyle and buying behaviors of their target market

  • Improve communication with their target market

  • Make well-informed business decisions

  • How to market to their target audience in a strategically

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Improve the strengths and weaknesses of our existing business and performance

  • Enhance the reputation of your business and create a unique buying tribe to your brand

  • Keep current, pivot and/or stay ahead of the competition

BP‘s online market research services promise to provide research-driven advice, strategic planning, implementation services, as well as thorough analyses and reporting based on the needs, wants, and desires of the business owner.

Problems small business owners have conducting market research online

  • Has never done market research and doesn’t know where to start

  • Does not have the confidence to conduct the market research themselves.

  • Does not have the time to conduct the market research themselves.

  • Does not know how their target audience searches for things related to on the internet

  • Unsure of how to conduct online market research methodologies that will result in meaningful outcomes in their business

  • Clueless on how to keep up with the changing times within their industry online

  • Does not have the ability to set up primary research on their online endeavors

  • Unsure of how to strategically communicate to their target audience online

  • Lack of understanding of research data to make a relevant change

  • Not sure where their target audience spends their time online

Benefits of a small business owner hiring BP for market research consulting

  • Have an actionable step-by-step process to follow and the understanding of how to conduct it

  • Will train your team thoroughly so they can confidently conduct the market research themselves.

  • Will conduct market research if needed

  • Know keyword and search trends related to their industry

  • Can provide numerous options to methodologies that will lead toward desired goals for research and development.

  • Modernize the small owners’ business to keep up with their competitors online

  • Can set up online survey funnels and third-party software to conduct primary research

  • Understand the semantics of target audience search language and reflect that back into their online marketing and presence

  • Helps create meaning out of the data sets to give insights and give actionable steps to improve strengths and weaknesses

  • Find new avenues to find and connect with potential clients online

Process to working with BP for online analytics consulting


Set up your discovery call with BP


Discover what your needs, wants, and desires are from your online business strategy


Discuss online analytic metrics and how  they relate to the revenue in your business


Define what type of consulting you are looking for in your business


Define your S.M.A.R.T goal for online analytics consulting


Discovery call with BP 


Create a S.M.A.R.T goal in a strategic timeline with deadlines


Set up all future appointments.


Meet at assigned times


Conclusion meeting to discover strengths and weaknesses of our strategic action plan and  partnership together.