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What is email marketing consulting?

The first type of perspective is when people view their work as no more than a job. This type of individual has no passion for their work and views their work as a means to an end.

Career coaching helps individuals define what type of meaningful work they would like to pursue in their life. Each person works in some fashion, and it can take up most of their life. However, there is a lot of individuals that do not find their work meaningful. People are known to have three perspectives on their work.

The first type of perspective is when people view their work as no more than a job. This type of individual has no passion for their work and views their work as a means to an end.

The second perspective is an individual who has a career orientation for their work. This type of person has a passion for succeeding. He or she sees work as containing the potential for advancement.

The last perspective is a person being calling-oriented.  An individual who seeks work based a calling feels like it is his or her life’s purpose. They have a desire to contribute to better humankind somehow based on the desire to help themselves based on serving others.

No matter what orientation you have toward your work, you can always seek more meaning in life through your career. My clients who want career coaching will define where they are at this moment in their career and define their individual dream careers. Then we will determine the strategy to get there. It is important for each person to define the type of work that is meaningful for them because they will most likely have to do that particular type of work for the vast majority of their lives. Having an unfulfilling job can lead to dissatisfaction in life.

Why do people hire an email marketing consultant?

  • Feeling stuck in a rut in their career.
  • A desire to enhance skill sets in their career or workplace.
  • Want to improve career strengths and/or weaknesses.
  • Have an accountability partner toward a complex plan.
  • Have a soundboard to bounce ideas off of and reflect on their situation throughout a transition in life.
  • Transition to another position.
  • Career advancement.
  • Find meaningfulness in one’s life and/or career.
  • Find more confidence in their career.
  • Enhance productivity in the workplace.

What are the benefits of working with an email marketing consultant?

  • Increase in happiness at work
  • Living with more purpose in the workplace.
  • Feel more inspired at the workplace.
  • Strengthen one’s career foundation.
  • Strategically advance one’s career.
  • Know, understand, and implement one’s strengths in their work.
  • Know, understand, and improve one’s weaknesses.
  • Enhance one’s inter/intrapersonal skills.
  •  Improve one’s emotional intelligence.
  • Set and strive toward professional goals.

What are the responsibilities of an email marketing consultant?

  • Help clients define
    • the calling in their career.
    • measurements of success in their career.
    • personal values and career values.
    • achievable professional goals.
  • Figure out clients’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help co-create a strategic action plan to advance clients’ career.
  • Hold clients accountable to the strategic action plan that was designed.
  • Do weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly assessments to track progress towards the goals set.
  • Collect weekly progress reports of clients’ thoughts.

What is the process of working with an email marketing consultant?

  • An individual will contact a career coach like myself and have a one-on-one consultation to see we will mesh to progress toward a partnership.
  • Coach and client will identify key aspects of your career that you feel like needs improvement or want to excel
  • Coach and client will look at career option desires to see where you are at at the moment.
  • Coach and client will define what the client’s ideal career.
  • The coach will ask the client to define measurements of success in which he or she will accomplish his or her ideal career.
  • Coach and client will define milestones of success throughout the process (typically weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly).
  • Coach and client will meet on the weekly or bi-weekly basis for a 1-hour coaching session.
  • Coach and client will discover if the objectives were met or not from session to session.
  • Coach and client will objectively measure milestones based on the client’s desires.
  • At the end of the assigned time, we will objectively check if he or she has reached his or her ideal state by measuring their defined measurements of success against the baseline scores.

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